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What is IDEA NOTE?

  • Helpful application examples for mechanical engineers.

The Concept of IDEA NOTE

  • Online application library with a range of ideas for all manufacturing industries.
  • Save design time and learn new design applications when you are concepting new machines.


  • MISUMI may not offer all parts in each application design.
  • MISUMI does not guarantee quality, accuracy, functionality, safety or reliability for the combination of the parts in each application example. Accept these points prior to use.
  • 2014 Copyright MISUMI
  • The data cannot be used for any purposes (including sales promotion) except for designing your machine.
  • All associated CAD is free.
  • MISUMI may change, add or delete application examples posted without prior notice.
  • MISUMI assumes no responsibilities for any damage incurred resulting from your use of the Service or any change, addition or deletion by MISUMI of the application examples for any reason whatsoever.

IDEA NOTE Features

  1. Get great new design ideas for these application examples.
  2. Over 100 design application ideas
    collected from dozens of industries!

  3. Find application examples quickly! Search by function, workpiece shape, etc.

  4. Download the CAD models for each application example.
  5. Log in to download free CAD models.
    Download CAD for the entire application example!

Good IDEA! button

Click the Good IDEA! Button when you like an application example!

*Can only be clicked once per application example.

  • Upper right corner on the page of application example details

  • Pop-up dialog for CAD data downloading

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Unit Library隆重登場 - 大受好評的設計範例全新上線


Unit Library致力於幫助設計者縮短設計時間及提升技術力,提供設計者在設計機械、尤其是構想新的機械裝置時使用此資料庫。